Saturday, October 27, 2012

haiku 1

child by a tree
-all the bells
 on one branch

the interesting thing about having poems 'track you down' in a manner of speaking after a number of years is that I read them again almost with a stranger's eyes. They could have been written by someone else. I don't remember the circumstances which occasioned the above poem. But reading it, I begin to imagine the memory. Our first Christmas with our eldest son old when he was old enough to take an active part in the festivities. Only two, he proudly helps to decorate the tree. His mother and I distractedly trying to untangle the knotted lights. Glancing up to see our little boy solemnly placing the glittering balls one by one on a single, low down branch, which droops beneath the weight.


  1. Oh my goodness that memory is beautiful.

    Graceful haiku which can pull it all together so nicely.

    Oh, but what a sweet little moment that must have been to suddenly notice his accomplishments. I dunno about you, but I definitely have a smile on my face and I wasn't even there!


  2. thanks gina ... find it hard not to smile myself ...