Tuesday, October 30, 2012

haiku 4

empty house
soft brown apples
under the tree

My wife and I were looking at buying our first house since coming home to Ireland. The property boom was at full roar & quite ratty old properties were going for what seemed a fortune at the time. This house was particularly sad. An old person had been living in it until the time they died. It was put up for sale with all their furniture, clothes, & many of their possessions still in place. The kitchen was a rotting lean-to extension to the rear. It had an outside toilet. The bath was in a shed next to the kitchen. Upstairs the bedroom floors were eaten away with woodworm, with the joists showing through in many places. In the garden out the back were two old apple trees, perhaps 100 years old, the remains of an old orchard. It was autumn & the trees had produced an abundant crop that year. With no one to pick them, the fruit had fallen to the ground where it was left to rot.

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