Wednesday, October 31, 2012

haiku 5

autumn morn
-oak tree's shadow
 gilded with leaves

The morning the anthology with my poems arrived I was very pleased. That kind of sudden, unlooked for, affirmation is very encouraging. It made me want to throw myself back into writing poetry - haiku in particular. Upstairs in my bedroom, as I looked out the window I was suddenly struck by the oddness of the scene: the oak trees scattered in the field outside all had at their base, on side nearest our house, what seemed like an outline of the tree shaped from their fallen leaves. I realised it had been windy the night before. Most of the falling leaves had been whipped away. But the side facing the house was sheltered by the tree itself. There the fallen leaves remained, a golden shadow of the tree that gave them birth.

I wrote another version of the poem above:

autumn wind
-in the lee of the oak
 its shadow in leaves

Which do you prefer?

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