Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lectio Divina

Wanting to try some lectio divina in my parish, I thought I'd ask a friend of mine, a Carmelite brother, for some tips. So I sent him an email:

I'm planning to start some lectio divina in the parish & I believe that it is something that Carmelites are quite good at (I hope I'm not believing wrongly!) so I was wondering if you had any advice? I will say that even though the plan is for it to be for a group, it could well end up being just me on my own ... but that's ok, because time spent in prayer is never time spent alone ...

Brother, being a very good man indeed, had a reply to me within a few hours. Below is a little of what he said: 

... of course we are never alone! ... lectio is not I repeat not an academic exercise but an encounter with the risen Lord, present in his word. I always remind my group the scripture is not just another book that recalls past events but is essentially alive and makes present to us the reality of Christ within our lives who hungers to engage in intimate relationship with us. Lectio is about creating the space for that encounter!

I think I asked the right person for advice ... 

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