Thursday, October 11, 2012

more on St David Lewis SJ

Saint David Lewis
I posted a few weeks back about St David Lewis SJ (Mr Baker - here & here), the Catholic priest and martyr who is buried in the local Anglican churchyard in the town of Usk in Wales. Usk is in the diocese of Monmouth & by a pleasant twist of fate the speaker at our diocesan clergy conference was the Anglican Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker OGS. Over dinner one evening I told him I had come across St David's grave in a churchyard in his diocese & asked him if he was familiar with him.

'O yes,' he said. 'You mean St Mary's in Usk. Very much so. I had a confirmation there only a couple of weeks ago. Every time I have a confirmation in that parish, I bring all the children being confirmed outside to gather around St David's grave. It is wonderful to see how well tended his grave is. There are always flowers there when I visit.'

When I posted (& preached) about the life and death of St David, the thing that touched me most, and literally brought a tear to my eye, was the great esteem this holy man had been held in during his life by the non-Catholic people of the place where he had lived and worked & how they had tried to protect him in life & treated him with dignity in death. It is wonderful to realise that their spiritual (& no doubt many actual) descendants regard him with equal esteem & affection today.

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