Saturday, October 20, 2012

On your (cardboard) bike!

This really falls under the category of 'just too cool!' If you don't have time to watch the video or read the newspaper article here, then here is the short version. An Israeli gentleman figured out that if you folded cardboard right then you could achieve enormous rigidity (a bit like when you fold paper a few times ... when I was a kid I used to fold an A4 sheet until it was as thin as I could make it & use it to support my weight from a hook in my dad's garage). And if you treated it with the right compounds you could make it completely water-proof. And you could use those materials to make a bike that not only worked, but would probably last at least 10 years, and all for the cost of around $9. What's that - a cup of coffee & a couple of cookies in Starbucks? 

So what's the guy planning to do - get rich selling cheap bikes? Nope, he pretty much plans to give them away ... he'll cover his costs through adverstising; the venders will be allowed a small profit; but he reckons they should retail for no more than about 20 bucks. A genius & a nice guy - doesn't that put a smile on your inside?

So cool. Stuff like this changes the world. I wonder what else you could make? Me, I'm thinking disposable card-board car ... so light you can carry it if you run out of fuel, so cheap you just take it to the recycling centre if something goes wrong, and best of all if you hit something no one gets hurt!

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