Tuesday, October 9, 2012

some words at the door

Had a curious comment made to me at the door of the church the other day. I was standing there shaking hands next to our guest preacher after the Harvest Thanksgiving service. It was an ecumenical service so there were a lot of folk from the wider community and I wasn't surprised that I didn't know quite a number of people. What did surprise me is what one man said as he shook my hand. He leaned in to me and said in a confidential whisper:
'I liked your letter in the paper. Thanks for standing up for us.'

I just smiled and nodded although I hadn't a clue what he meant. I was rushing. There was an institution of a clergy colleague I'd been at seminary with later that night. So his words got filed away until later. On the drive home they came back to me and I figured out what he was talking about. One of my letters had been about Enda Kenny's seeming act of deliberate disrespect when sitting at the front row a papal address (he had spent the time fiddling with his mobile phone throughout - you can see my post on it here). The man was one of the local Catholic parish & he was thanking me for calling Enda Kenny on his behaviour publicly. He saw a lack of respect for the Pope as showing a lack of respect for Catholics everywhere - including Ireland.

God bless the man. It is nice to know there are people out there who appreciate your efforts. And nice to know that my letter was seen in a positive ecumenical light.

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  1. That, my good priest, is a kiss from the Holy Spirit. Well deserved!