Friday, October 19, 2012

the wedding party

I always feel a little bit uncomfortable at the receptions that follow weddings. It is the custom in Ireland that the officiating priest sits at the 'top table' with the wedding party and says Grace before the meal begins. It leaves me with a 'get thee to a lower place' feeling somewhat, especially when I see close family members of the bride and groom sitting at those lower places. However, it is the custom & of course the respect shown by the 'higher place' accords to the role the priest plays on behalf of God's Church in the proceedings & not to me as an individual. I know for many it is a hangover from an earlier age & is simply a part of the ritual of getting married  ... however it would be nice to think that it also has the potential to serve as a visual reminder to all that the marriage service may be over but the importance of God in the lives of the couple continues. 

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