Monday, November 12, 2012

after the referendum ...

The amendment called the 'children's referendum' has been passed. So be it. But it's passage occasions some thoughts.

People stayed away from the ballot boxes in droves. Of those who did vote, a sizable minority voted no. This despite the fact the measure had all-party support, there was no organised 'no' campaign, & the government's unlawful efforts to promote it. Should we really be amending such fundamental law as our Constitution to bring about changes the vast majority think is too big a yawn even to vote for, and of those who do vote there is far from overwhelming support for the measure? The people have spoken. And what the people said is that they didn't really want it. 

And as was pointed out endlessly during the campaign, the government already had all the powers required to protect children (should they care enough to use them). The amendment wasn't really needed either. 

Perhaps what is needed is one final amendment to protect our Constitution from such witless and unwarranted tweaking in the future. 

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