Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CofE Synod measure not carried

Home sick today, so had the time to listen to the some of the live audio stream from the CofE General Synod. I must say, what I heard was very civilised, so kudos to all involved for that. Voting was by orders (or houses); bishops, clergy, & laity. 

It was all quite exciting once the voting started. The division bell was rung; members were told to push button 1 for yes, 2 for no, & 3 to abstain. They had 60 seconds to vote. There was even a 15 second warning before time was up! Then the Archbishop of York reminded those in attendance that the tradition was to receive the results of a vote in silence (in other words, no unseemly booing or cheering, depending on your views). Then he calmly & gravely read out the results.

The vote was: 
Bishops 44-3 (2 abstaining);
Clergy 148-44 (0 abstaining);
Laity 132 -74 (0 abstaining).

The measure was carried by the first two, but not by the last. The measure has therefore not been passed, as it had to be approved by a two-thirds majority by all three houses.

So that's it ... until next time. Either when the next Synod is formed or sooner if a case can be made (hard to see how one could be made, given all the work that went into getting things this far this time, but I suppose it is not impossible). 

Please pray for all involved today. 

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