Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gap-toothed yokels wreacking havoc in Ireland

The furore over the death of Savita Halappanavar  continues. As well it should (see previous post here). A lot of questions need to be answered about what happened to her. And they need to be answered quickly. Of course they won't be. Breda O' Brien has a good quote on why they won't be provided at anything faster than a glacial pace:

When I asked a senior medical consultant as to whether three months was necessary to conduct a review, she replied that a month should be adequate, “but the HSE moves slower than the Vatican”.

Now there's an irony-laden comparison. You can read the rest of her article here. 

I found Ms O'Brien's piece fairly balanced - but not all her journalistic colleagues are going down that road. Did anyone really think they were going to? For example, Donald Clarke takes the view that this proves Ireland is positively pre-ice-age in its views; those who are not in agreement with him on what he terms 'gender politics' (ie the majority of Irish people's opinion of abortion) are are comparable to 'gap-toothed half-wits;' they deserve to be demonised by the world; & those who abandon the elderly on ice flows 'seem positively civilised by comparison.'

Clearly members of the self-appointed & more enlightened 'elite' like him see no need to engage in reasoned debate with gap-toothed yokels. Name calling, media bullying, and the display of their overwhelmingly superior intellects should  suffice to get us back to tugging our forelocks to our proper masters such as he in no time at all.

While he is waiting for the happy day when his version of Nirvana comes into force, of an Ireland free of gappy teeth & ice-flows, the rest of us are waiting for the HSE reports as to what happened. Let's hope when they do come we get some clear answers.  Obviously, it is not a good idea for anyone to hold their breath while waiting. But perhaps it is a good idea to pray during this time - not only for answers, but also for Savita Halappanavar, her husband, wider family, and all those who have been hurt by what happened during those days in a Galway hospital.  

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