Saturday, November 10, 2012

Want Zombies? Well, we got zombies!

OK - how cool is this? A zombie movie with Brad Pitt. World War Z! It's got to be box-office gold. Don't like zombies? Hey, it's got Brad Pitt! Don't like Brad Pitt (really? are there really people who don't like Brad Pitt?)? It's got zombies! Genius! 

And the trailer looks really fantastic ... I know trailers always look fantastic ('all the best bits were in the trailer, dear') but this looks really great ... trailers are an art form in themselves ... the Oscars should start handing out a gong for them ... maybe more than one ...

 '... and the Oscar for the best trailer goes to X!' ... '... and the Oscar for the best trailer based on a truly rubbish movie goes to XX!' ... maybe you can think of more categories for trailer awards (?)

 ... but in the meantime, while you're thinking, and while we wait for June 2013 and a zombie movie with Brad Pitt (!) at least we've got this great, full-length, trailer. Enjoy (or don't, if you don't like either Brad Pitt or zombies ... you strange individual, you)!

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