Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Boxing Day reflection on the kindness of Claus

Santa left my boys a letter along with their presents which I thought I'd share with you:

Santa's Workshop, The North Pole
Christmas 2012

Dear Boys,

Well, what a year it has been for you all. Moving house and changing schools isn't easy, is it? And on top of all that, all of you so unwell in the last few weeks, making things even more difficult.

I do feel a little sorry for you all. Which is why I won't hold it against you that you have been more than mischievous now and again; and have certainly been more naughty than nice when it comes to keeping your rooms clean and helping out around the house. We'll say no more about that other than I most certainly expect better next year – a lot better.

Now as to your presents this year, I do think you'll be pleased. I looked over your lists and was very impressed by the fact that none of you were at all greedy. I am more and more put out these days when children ask for too many things, especially too many expensive things. Getting presents at Christmas is a lovely part of the the tradition, but Christmas means a lot more than presents. Those who ask for too many make me think that that is all they care about, which is definitely not nice.

But as I said, you were good boys when it came to choosing, so you will find just about everything you asked for. I only say 'just about' in case I misunderstood, which is not impossible because I am getting very old, and my eyesight grows a little worse each year and you would not believe how hard it is to get new glasses here at the North Pole. The elves are very good at making toys, but spectacles are not really their specialty  But what I am saying is that I think you have what you asked for.

So that is it for this year. Be good boys for your mom and dad. The move wasn't easy for them either and they do need your help – it isn't easy looking after four boys like you! So give them lots of help and never forget to show them how much you love them every day.

Have a holy and a happy Christmas,

your friend,

Santa Claus 

Now, the letter is rather sweet, but I am starting to wonder if Santa isn't  a bit of a softie? Starting from today, parents the western world over will start threatening kids with his wrath should they misbehave. And no matter how rotten they have been, the big guy never seems to take action. Let's face it, we all know kids who really should get enough coal to keep the home-fires burning all year every Christmas. Instead the man in red gives them enough gear to stock a small toy store. What does all this teach kids about there being consequences for their behaviour? How are they supposed to learn if Santa constantly undermines the dire warnings of parents by just giving the kids what they want anyway?

So that's my challenge to you for next year Santa. Keep track of that naughty list. And don't be afraid to use it. The kids may cry, but at the end of the day, it's for their own good ... after all, it is possible to kill with kindness!

Merry Christmas!

(Oh, and if you do have unwanted gifts, don't be afraid to donate them to local charities ... I'm not talking about the crazy novelty gifts, like the singing ties or whatever ... clothes & stuff like that are always needed ... share the love in a practical way this Christmas.)

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  1. copied from facebook:
    Daniel wrote: "Lovely blog post - tried to comment on the blog but too tricky on my phone. Happy first Christmas to you all in your new parish."