Friday, December 7, 2012

Can I avoid Judgement day by changing religions?

I had an interesting question from one of the school children today. We were talking about Advent as a time of preparing for the Second Coming as well as being the lead up to Christmas. Naturally enough the topic of Judgement came up. One of the kids put up his hand and asked:

'Can I avoid judgement by changing religion?'
'What do you mean?'
'Well, if I changed it to one which didn't have some kind of judgement, could I get out of it?'

Good question, aye? Notice that he wasn't asking about changing his faith on the basis of sincerely based convictions, but rather using the change of faith as a kind of 'get out of jail free' card!

'What you are really asking is 'if you can hide from God,' isn't it? I mean, you'd be trying to hide from God & the last judgement in another religion by pretending to believe in that religion instead. And since you can't hide from God & no amount of pretending can fool him, the answer has to be 'no' doesn't it?'
'I guess so ... listen, at the Resurrection, when everybody is raised from the dead ...?'
'Will it be like loads of zombies walking around?'

Ah yes, the joys of answering children's questions about deep theological matters ... I had never thought of the Resurrection as a Zombie Apocalypse before!

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