Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Canterbury appoints new man in Rome

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has appointed a new chief representative to the Roman Catholic Church for the Anglican Communion.  The new man heading up the Anglican Centre in Rome will be Archbishop David Moxon from New Zealand (see press release here). He is already  the Anglican chair of the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC III), which to my mind suggests he'll be well suited to the role he is taking on.

It is good to see that strong ecumenical links continue between Rome & Canterbury ... even if progress towards inter-Communion and other forms of unity seem to have stalled (let us pray temporarily).

I visited the Anglican Centre when I was on Rome while I was training for the priesthood during Bishop John Flack's tenure there. He told us of the incredibly good relations between his office and the Vatican. The proof of the pudding was in how easily he was able to get us booked on a tour of the catacombs under St Peter's ... and the front row seats we had for the Holy Father's regular Wednesday audience in the square. I'm sure the Centre does other, far more important things than act as tourist agents for stray ordinands, but my point is that it shows they have really good contacts in the Vatican!

In any event, my prayers are with Archbishop Moxon. This is an important role he is taking on. 

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