Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food for thought: blog award (updated)


Gina from My Broken Fiat kindly made me one of her Food for Thought blog awardees. It is a little bit like the blogging equivalent of a chain-letter, as each person who gets an award then nominates seven other blogs, who should then nominate seven others, who should then ... well, you get the idea. But the important thing, I think, is that Gina, bless her heart, was fond enough of my blog to make it one of her nominations! It is my first blog award of any sort and that in itself makes this quite the wee moment in the history of The Way Out There. Thank you Gina! (Check out her blog - a young Catholic mom in the US writing openly, honestly, & amusingly about the various things life throws at her.)

So what is this award all about? Well the rules are that if you accept you must:
1. Post the award on your blog. 2. Thank the one who nominated you and link back to their blog. 
3. Share your favourite Bible passage and WHY it's your favourite! 
4. Nominate 7 others and let them know you did so!

So I've done one & two ... if I skip to 4 first ... the idea of the award, if I understand it correctly, is to help promote 'little known bloggers for Christ' who share 'worthwhile Catholic information in an otherwise secular interweb full of celebrity gossip, violent news stories, and a dose of anti-religious propaganda' (I'm stealing those quotes from Gina, so if I've it wrong, blame her!).

So I picked out 7 of my favourite, little-known blogs (don't take offense if you've got great stats, guys ... I take it to mean little-known in comparison to mega-bloggers like Fr Z or Fr Longenecker ... we're all little known compared to them!).

So who did I go with? In no particular order:

I. Fear Not Little Flock: written by 'Priest's Wife' letting the world know about some of the lessor known aspects of the Catholic Church, that is the Eastern parts, fully in communion with Rome, but having their own traditions ... 
II. Releasing the Arrow: great sermons by the Dominicans ... they are not called the Order of Preachers for nothing!
III. Fr Gabriel Burke, a Catholic priest, blogging in Cork. He's from Cork & his surname is Burke ... how could I not give such a winning combination an award? Oh, & he puts great posts up about what's going on in the Irish Catholic Church & various other issues ... famously called referred to Enda Kenny's dissing the Holy Father by playing with his phone during an audience as 'The Pope & the Dope!'
IV. Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus dealing with issues facings the traditional face of the Church in Ireland ... 
V. E F pastoremeritus ... a retired Catholic priest from Ireland living in the UK ... has an interesting perspective on what's going on in our crazy old world ... 
VI.Breathing with both lungs ... an Irish Capuchin priest working as a school chaplain ... Irish, Franciscan, priest, chaplain, & blogger - what's not to like?
VII. Let nothing you dismay ... Fr Michael Gollop's blog ... a traditionalist Anglo-Catholic priest based in Wales, a keen commentator on the struggle to be faithful to the Catholic traditions of the Church within modern Anglicanism ... 

UPDATE: Oops ... shouldn't have left this one out ... catholicity and covenant ... the title says it all: very thoughtful reflections on Anglicanism today, Catholic inclined, & Irish to boot (I'm almost certain) ... that makes 8, but who said I could count (as those whose taxes I audited found out to their cost ... only kidding!).

So there you have it - 7 great blogs (make that 8) all deserving of your visits to spike their stats even higher ... pay them a visit ... tell them Fr Levi sent you ... see them reply: Who?

Just one last requirement to fulfill: my favourite Bible passage ... the parable of the publican & the Pharisee ... the verse from it 'Lord, have mercy on me, a sinful man' speaks to me profoundly. I preface my morning & evening office with it ... & say it through the day as the Jesus prayer ... 

Thanks again Gina ... I suppose this means I'm supposed to contact all these bloggers & let them know? Ahh ... maybe I'll wait & see if they read my blog faithfully & discover it for themselves first!


  1. I really find the Catholic-mongering uninspiring.

  2. Sorry about that Mr McGranor (though I might have termed it 'promoting' rather than 'mongering') ... I did say it was a bit like the blogging equivalent of a chain letter, so perhaps it was bound to be a bit uninspiring unless you were someone getting an award!

    The rules were a little constricting ... there were quite a lot of blogs I follow that I would have liked to give a mention to ... but rules are rules ... and a former soldier, former tax-inspector, & current priest is someone that is inclined to stick to the rules ... so to the rules I stuck!

  3. I suppose this lets you off the hook of having to let me know! Thank you, I'm really flattered on behalf of poor little, "Catholic-mongering" LNYD. I'll think about this and see what I can come up with...

  4. Just had a thought Mr M ... four of the blogs I nominated were Irish & one was Welsh ... I guess I could be accused of Irish or Celt mongering/promoting as well!

    BTW, just checked out your blog ... you haven't posted in a while ... hope everything is OK?

  5. You are welcome Father - much deserved ... I think we all have to monger as much as we can!

  6. Is the Anglo-Catholic not a subversive for Rome and Catholicism? If one does not know the error of Catholic-mongering; then wait till the faith is decimated to Rome, for Catholicism's sake.
    The see of Satan and its body of souls, must either yield to Christ in bondage, or conquer the world with bondage.

  7. Oh wow ... Mr M, are you 'trolling' me? How thrilling - my very first troll! Congratulations to me ... a blog award & a troll on the same day!

    For that reason only, I published your comment. However, I'm sure you'll understand that we 'Catholic-mongers' aren't really in the business of providing platforms for anti-Catholicism mongers, so no more in a similar vein if you please. You do have your own blog after all if that's what you want to put out there ... post it and they will come, I'm sure ... but on my own little blog I'm afraid I insist that all comments are relevant & respectful. Remember what I said in my first reply about rules & my being a stickler for them? I'm especially sticky about them when I'm the one who set them in the first place ... ask my children if you don't believe me!

  8. Trolling? Are you man or machine? Controversial, offensive and discriminatory speech still exists in the real world, pastor. In postmodern society you will not find easily religious anti-Catholicism. Even though the books are burned, graves overturned and history further devoured -- at least i remain -- in Christ.

  9. What I tolerate in the street I refuse access into my home, dear man ... as long as you are respectful & relevant (with particular emphasis on the respectful) your comments are welcome here & will be published. I'm sure someone of your obvious intelligence will be able to work the system to your advaantage ...