Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook

I've seen some interesting posts on the blogs on what happened in Sandy Hook last week:

1. Where is God At Times Like These? A meditation in the wake of a violent atrocity, by Msgr Charles Pope in the Arch-diocese of Washington, a fairly straight down the line look at suffering.

2. Where was God? by Fr Ray Blake in England is kind of a 'two-fer' where he re-posts two fairly harsh reactions to the question.

3. But the best has to be Nothingness by Gina of My Broken Fiat: A Catholic Mom's Journey blog in the US. It kind of says it all. 

We had our own local school play in the parish early last week. Last night I watched the DVD of it. Impossible not to look at those little kids singing & dancing & laughing on my TV screen and not think that there are parents in Connecticut who can only see their precious little ones by looking at old DVD's and home videos now. Where was God in all this? Well, he wasn't holding a Glock or an assault rifle. But he is holding the hands of those little ones now. Pray that their moms & dads will know that.

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