Monday, January 7, 2013

Catholic Church a spent force in Ireland?

After the somewhat blustering article in the Irish Times on Saturday (my post on that here), headlined by the accusation that the Catholic Church was challenging democracy by speaking out against the proposals on legislative change in Ireland's abortion regime, today's IT reports that the Irish government is 'taken aback' at the language the Irish bishops are using, who are stating bluntly that Ireland is on the road to the direct and intentional killing of unborn children. The same article also reports that Government ministers are to meet with Church leaders next week to discuss the matter; and that the bishops' conference will speak before the Dail's (parliament) health committee next week as well.

Given the surprised reaction by pundits and politicians to the Church's clear & public stance on this, one would suspect they thought the bishop's were going to keep their heads down on this issue. Perhaps they thought the Catholic Church was a spent force in Ireland? The bishops rolling up their sleeves and getting into the trenches on this may not change anything in relation to where the government is going with this legislation. But there is something coming out of this: those who thought the Catholic Church was a spent force in Ireland were wrong.


  1. It is sick and pathetic that Protestantism has left the task to champion the unborn; to the sinister and nefarious Catholics. The pretended moral causes of Satan, are such a needed disguise. As lacking Protestants are seemingly not disguised in their detrimental secular concerns; more then likely handed to Satan, to champion undisguised.

  2. Hello again Mr M:

    1. I agree that it is a deeply troubling that some Protestant denominations have abandoned the teaching of the Church from the earliest days that the life of the unborn was sacred; however, I do not think it is fair to generalise - there are a great many who remain avidly pro-life.
    2. Please do not make gratuitously insulting remarks about Catholics or any other group; I can't edit it out without deleting the whole comment ... but I won't publish anything similar again.
    3. I really can't follow the remainder of your comment about the pretended moral causes of Satan etc. I almost hesitate to ask you to explain, but I will anyway ... with the proviso that if it involves further Catholic bashing, then I guess I can live without it!

  3. Which is why you hold Satan's hand in such ecumenism. You would lie to yourselves, and others for them; and blaspheme Christ to exult them.

  4. You're a funny guy, Mr M. Hard to know if you're serious or taking the mick, as we say here in Ireland. Question: if you are for real, why do you read this blog; I mean, why voluntarily inflict my pro-Catholic leanings upon yourself?

    Away, it's bedtime on this side of the pond. G'nite.