Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Horse meat: an offer you can't refuse

There are times when I'm jolly glad I'm a vegetarian. Like every time there is yet another scare about contaminated meat. But this latest story takes the biscuit - horse meat mixed in with the beef. Now that is just YUCK! Yes I know that there are many on the continent that enjoy a nice steak cheval. But that is the continent. In Ireland and Britain Flicka has never been on the menu. And in any event, people are entitled to get what they've paid for ... and if the package says 'beef' then that's what should be in the burger. All beef, not mostly beef (& yes, these products often say 70% beef and the rest is fillers ... but if the filler is mostly a former Grand National champion, then it should say so on the packaging). This nonsense takes the concept of making an offer you can't refuse to ridiculous lengths.

Part of this latest food scandal includes the fact that a lot of these burgers also contained trace elements of pig. A serious matter for those who either just plain prefer to avoid pork, or who must do for religious reasons. Although, to be fair, I suppose that many of those who avoid pork for the latter reason are generally very careful about where they source their meat. Still, no doubt this will cause a lot of angst in the Jewish and Muslim communities. 

I've no doubt that the supermarkets selling this stuff had no idea. But given that some of the products were almost one-third horse meat, someone in the chain of supply knew that Black Beauty's final resting place was in the burger. This kind of thing is a huge betrayal of trust - people are trusting the people who sell them food to let them know exactly what it is that they are buying. Folk have a rights to know what it is they are eating. What's next: Soylent Green

As I said: Yuck, I'm glad I'm vegetarian. There's no chance these ne'er-do-wells can hide Shergar in my lentils. 


  1. yuck! This is where we Americans still remember our English roots- NEVER eat Black Beauty! (I'll think of this story when I'm meatless for Lent)

  2. Even worse is that all those burgers will have to be dumped; several tons of them it sounds like. What waste born of greed ...