Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's nice to be liked!

When a fellow-blogger writes a post like this about your own humble little blog ...

I Really Like This Blog Written by a Church of Ireland priest!
I've only scanned through it so far, but I really like the tone, the layout, the pictures, the typography, and especially the "Protect the Seal" ribbon ("An Issue for All Denominations", a caption rightly proclaims.) I look forward to looking through it at my leisure. Thanks to Hibernicus of the Irish Catholics' Forum for drawing my attention to it. (Now I feel I've done my bit for ecumenism in the Week for Christian Unity.)

... it seems only right and proper to respond in kind. Therefore may I recommend for your reading pleasure The Irish Papist? It is a charming window on the world, written by a Dublin based librarian (now why don't all librarian blog? between the personal anecdotes about irate customers, strange things used as bookmarks, and the fascinating tomes that pass through their hands, they would have an endless supply of insights to pass on to us all). I especially like his brief 'rants' about some of the letters in the Irish Times - he's clearly a man after my own heart! 

So take a look at the Irish Papist ... come on: a librarian who takes issue with, inter alia, some of the nonsense that makes the letters page of Irish Times - what's not to like?! (& the title of the blog is pretty cool too!)

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  1. *Chuckle* This is great. And thanks for the new reads!