Wednesday, January 30, 2013

some reasons to read your Bible

I put a Special Note in the weekly 'pew news' for my parishioners this week. It read : 

To both love and understand the Bible is central to our Christian faith. Neither is possible unless it is read regularly and studied prayerfully. In our society Biblical literacy is declining. People simply no longer know as they should the Sacred Scriptures which were given to us by God. The stories and themes are a mystery to them. 

This should be a matter of grave concern to all of God's people. It is through scripture that God reveals himself to us; it is through scripture that we come to know Christ; the doctrines and teachings of our Church are founded on the authority of scripture; & it is from scripture that we have the assurance of God's love for us, his purpose for our lives, and his promise of eternal life. 

I would therefore urge you all to immerse yourself in the Word of God. Make it your aim to read a portion of scripture daily. Commit yourself to study it deeply, either in the parish study group, some other group, or on your own. Encourage others to do so also. And please pray that a love of the Sacred Scriptures will grow daily in the hearts of all.

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  1. I call myself a Christian and yet I have not read all of the Bible. Surely, every Christian insofar as possible should be thoroughly familiar with both Old and New Testaments. Recently I decided, after years of abortive attemps (some of them while I was still an agnostic), that I am simply not going to embark on any other books until I have read every word of this most important of books-- as a first step to becoming steeped in it. It's tough going much of the time, but if we are willing to make a big mental effort even with non-sacred books (I read about a book club that took years to read their way through Joyce's Finnegans Wake), how can we neglect the Bible, when St. Jerome told us that "ignorance of Scripture in ignorance of Christ?" How could I keep buying and reading books about Christianity when I had not read the central text? Thank you for the encouragement.