Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Four churches in the snow

Mothel Church, Coolcullen

I'm having someone put together a website for the parish and my task for yesterday morning was to drive around the four churches and get photos for it (item number 6781 on my list 'things they never told you you would have to do' when I was training for the priesthood). But when I looked out the window first thing I discovered about two inches of snow. The roads were OK in the town where the rectory is located, but two of my churches are 'up the mountains' and generally if there was a light dusting in the town, then there was a blizzard up on the high ground!

I wondered if I might have to cancel my plans. But I decided first to phone a parishioner who lives up that direction only to be told: 'Ah, the roads up here are grand. A bit greasy, but you'll have no problems as long as you take your time. And sure what rush would you be in?'

I was inclined to take that information with a pinch of salt. What someone who lived up the mountains and was used to it when it snowed up there thought was 'grand' and what I thought was grand could well be two very different things! However, I set off, my little Nikon Coolpix snugly tucked away in my inside pocket. 

Oh ye of little faith! The roads were indeed grand ... a little 'greasy' from a light layer of snow and slush, but no problem at all to anyone inclined to drive at speeds below that of a boy racer. And the churches looked lovely in the snow. I'm afraid my photos don't really do them justice ... a better camera & a better photographer perhaps were needed for that ... and with all the trees in our churchyards, one is quite limited as to the angles from which to take a picture of the churches ... but I hope these give you some idea.

Holy Trinity, Bilboa

The Colliery Church, Moneenroe

St Mary's, Castlecomer

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