Saturday, February 9, 2013

horse & nuts

At a parish function last night, the vegan option was a truly exceptional dish of roast Mediterranean vegetables with a generous topping of mixed nuts crumble. The conversation around the table was not surprisingly of the latest chapter of the horse meat saga. It really is starting to look as if the safe option is to presume that anything marked 'beef' is probably horse ... and since no one has any idea where that horse meat came from or what it is contaminated with or even how the animal died or how long it was dead before it was minced up, labeled as 'beef', and added to the freezer section of a purveyor of fine foods somewhere near you.

I have to say I was feeling pretty smug about being vegan as I scoffed my veg & nut crumble ... until a horrible thought crossed my mind: what if my tasty nut topping was adulterated with horse chestnuts?

Joking aside, all trust is gone when it comes to food in this country. Paranoia reigns & will continue to until a lot of work is done to earn back that trust.

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    I tend to follow the blogs of those who I've reading for a while & really like, or who read my blog & we establish something of a rapport in the combox. So while I thank you for the invite, I think it would be premature of me to accept it at this point ... but I would be interested in getting to know you in the manner outlined above & seeing what develops ...

    The ball, as they say, is in your court. Every blessing.