Monday, February 11, 2013

Is religion irrelevant? Not if today's headlines are anything to go by!

Interesting isn't it? The main-stream media spends so much time trying to persuade the world about how irrelevant religion is in our brave, new, modern world ... and then the Pope resigns and they go into a feeding frenzy, with nearly every other topic pushed to the side ...

As I said, interesting.


  1. Surely you do not think that the pontifical resignation changes the media perception of religion? The monarchy is irrelevant, and yet one flash of Kate's assets and it's all over the front page (as opposed to page three). The pope resigns and that's news. It doesn't mean religion is important or relevant to the media. More to the point, it was a slow news day.

  2. an indication of the media's perception of religion? Of course not; but they know a big story when they see it, and this is one ... slow news day? you may think that's it, but it's the top story in every paper & every channel ... a little more than a slow news day :-)