Friday, February 15, 2013

Not to modernize the Church, but to Christify the world

Fr Robert Barron has a lot of clips on his youtube page dealing with various aspects of faith in the modern world. This one on The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI was pointed out to me by a blogger friend, the Irish Papist, in the course of a combox chat here

In the combox he gave a quote from the clip about Pope Benedict's  understanding that the purpose of Vatican 2 was not to modernize the Church but to Christify the modern world. I find that a very haunting phrase. There has been a huge emphasis in recent times on modernizing the Church; has there been anything like the same emphasis on Christifying the world? Keeping the Church endlessly relevant is, of course, of huge importance if we are to Christify the world ... but have we gotten the balance right? Have our attempts at modernizing always kept Christ at the centre? Have we sometimes lost sight of  the absolute necessity of conforming our lives and the world to Christ? Or do we sometimes stray dangerously close to trying to conform Christ's Church to the world?

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