Monday, February 18, 2013

'offer it up'

All through my childhood, when I was confronted with unpleasant situations, my mother advised me to 'offer it up.' Crying after a scraped knee? Offer it up. Hands sore after a few licks of the ruler in school for missing a spelling? Offer it up. Enduring sheer terror and panic about an up-coming important exam for which no amount of study seemed to make the facts and figures stick? Offer it up.

Of course, she never actually explained what she meant by 'offer it up' ... and I never asked; or it I did, I don't remember her answer. I had some vague notion of it having something to do with a bit of suffering being good for you ... with maybe a dash of paying off the 'balance' somewhat in relation to sin ... suffer a bit now & maybe suffer a bit less in the next, maybe? 

So for those of you who have ever wondered what people actually mean when they say 'offer it up' (& there is a fair amount of theological nuance in the idea of offering up your sufferings), the above video has an answer. Of course, whether you like the answer or not is beyond the remit of either the presenters in the video or your humble blogger!

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