Saturday, February 16, 2013

prayers: now that's more like it!

I was visiting a man in hospital recently. It was hard to talk with the distraction of a competing conversation coming from a soap opera on  the flat screen TVs attached to the walls on the ward... a soap, I might add, that the patients were resolutely trying to ignore in favour of a little after lunch snooze.

After struggling for a few minutes we lapsed in silence ... a silence that wasn't really a silence, of course. There was a passionate row coming from the box on the wall: the woman was yelling at the man that if he'd loved her he never would have let her have an affair ... the husband was yelling back that he'd let her because he loved her and hoped she'd see that from his behaviour.

There is only so much of that one can take. My limit is somewhat less that 30 seconds. I leaned forward and said to the man I was visiting:
'How would you feel if we said a few prayers?'
He smiled.
'I think that would be more like it!'

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