Sunday, February 10, 2013

today's intercessions: the Transfiguration of our Lord

let us pray: 
Heavenly Father, 
you promised through your Son 
to hear the prayers of those who ask in faith: 

Through his Transfiguration 
your Son reminded us of his divine glory; 
guide your Church to bring all people to know him, 
love him, and worship at his feet. 
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

At his Transfiguration 
your voice told us to listen to him; 
help us to listen to his words 
that tell us to love all your children 
so that we may not neglect 
any of those in the world who are in need 
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Before his Transfiguration 
your Son told his followers to deny themselves; 
help us to focus less on ourselves 
and more on others 
so that we might transform our communities 
into places that shine with your peace and love. 
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

At his Transfiguration 
your Son revealed his glory to the world; 
we thank you for all who work tirelessly 
to make that glory known to others. 
We pray for our Bishop Michael; 
all clergy, readers, and others in ministry, 
whatever form it takes; 
and help all your children to work together 
for your greater glory in the world 
Lord in your mercy:  hear our prayer

We thank you for those 
who have journeyed before us 
to enter into the divine & eternal glory with you, 
your Son, & all the angels and saints in heaven; 
we pray for those who mourn; 
those who are unwell or dying 
and those who care for them; 
those places in the world that know trouble of any kind; 
& we remember those who struggle in their relationships, 
with others or with you. Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer  

And we ask that you hear also 
the the prayers of our own hearts, 
for ourselves 
and for those we know to be in need of our prayers (pause for silent prayer) Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Merciful Father, 
accept these our prayers 
for the sake of your Son, 
our Saviour, Jesus Christ. 


  1. Really useful resource when writing prayers for the Transfiguration ;) Thank you.

  2. Actually - thank you ... your comment reminded me of these and allowed me to re-use them again tomorrow rather than writing new ones as I was about to!