Tuesday, February 26, 2013

update on prayer request

To update all those who have offered prayers and encouragement at this time, either through the combox or on facebook:

*my mother-in-law is home and in good spirits; she seems brighter and more 'with it' than she has in a long while;

* my mother has been moved to a private room in the hospital and is being seen by the palliative care team; she remains comfortable & stable; 48 hours has passed and she has not yet lapsed into the predicted coma ... but then, she was never much for co-operating for the predictions of physicians! But she is not eating and getting her fluids by IV, so it still remains only a matter of time (most likely ... one always needs a caveat with my mother!);

*as I was getting ready to drive to Cork this morning, I had a phone-call from my brother to say that my father was on the way to the hospital; he coughed up some blood & it needs to be investigated; so a day trying to get him admitted through A&E (the ER) awaits.

Thank you for all your prayers ... if I might ask that they continue? God bless.

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