Friday, March 1, 2013

a short update on the 'senior generation'

My bishop likes to refer to the generation older than he & I as the 'senior generation.' He uses the term when he kindly inquires after the state of health of my parents & mum-in-law, which he frequently does, God bless him. So I thought I'd use it in this short post, as it is a title I have come to regard with some affection.

+ My dad is off the IV and is allowed to eat again (well, he's allowed his normal diet of thickened liquids again). The bleeding has stopped, so presumably the ulcer (if that was what it was) is healing up. He'll likely be discharged soon.

+ My mum is also off her IV & drinking a certain amount by mouth again. She remains very confused & seems to know those around her only occasionally. She has defeated the doctors predictions as to time yet again, but they remain certain that the outcome remains the same. She will probably return within the next few days to the nursing home where they will keep her comfortable.

+ My mum-in-law seems to be fading. My wife, in the space of a few days of not seeing her, noticed a dramatic difference and thought there seemed to be 'less of her.' The home care team thinks it will not be long before she has to move to the hospice.

Thank you for your prayers & concerns. They are appreciated. God bless.


  1. {hugs}

    You guys have my prayers and love. May you all be wrapped in the loving Heart of Christ.