Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Canada's low rate?

I was less than impressed yesterday by this letter from Joyce Arthur in the Irish Times, extolling the virtues of Canada's abortion regime.  I thought it was long on 'spin' and a little short on facts. For example, what did she mean by a 'fairly low' rate of abortion? Well, in this internet age, it wasn't hard to find out what the figures actually are (here). No surprise to discover that the abortion rate in Canada is, objectively speaking, quite high.

My response to her letter, published today, was as follows: 

A chara,
– Joyce Arthur claims Canada’s abortion rates are “fairly low” and hopes that Canada’s regime of unrestricted abortion at all stages of pregnancy “can be a role model to Ireland and the rest of the world” (March 4th).

There are approximately 30 abortions for every 100 live births per year in Canada. Ms Arthur may consider that a “low” rate. I, on the other hand, consider that it speaks of a model to be avoided at all costs. 

– Is mise,

It used to be lies, damned lies, and statistics. That unholy triad has a fourth member these days: spin. 

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