Thursday, March 7, 2013

Courtly love

The following was written on Valentine's Day & I meant to post it that day also. But with all that's been going on in the family it got pushed to the side & forgotten about. I just found it again & decided to publish it today (with a few minor changes) - better late than never!

Ah, St Valentine's day. No pressure for modern couples there, is there? My wife & I tend to keep it simple. Exchange home made cards (mine from my wife this year contained the line: Knock, Knock. Who's there? I'm lovin'. I'm lovin' who? I'm lovin' you!; mine to her was: roses are red, violets are blue, enjoy the day, my darling Ru ... ), and a couple of small gifts (a mutual exchange of chocolates this time round). 

Later in the day, we strolled down through the town for lunch in a local cafe, set in the courtyard of a former great estate. There's a few small shops in in the courtyard, so after eating we had a look in a local jeweler. My wife spotted something small she liked, so on impulse I bought it for her. Then we strolled home again.

Not quite the 'courtly love' those folk in the middle ages had in mind when they adopted St Valentine as their patron. But then again, the kind of love St Valentine was willing to die a martyrs death for wasn't the chocolate box kind this day has turned into either. St Valentine was martyred, you will recall, for his refusal to turn from his priestly duty to provide the sacrament of marriage to Christian couples. So I rather think he'd approve of the low key celebration an old married couple like my wife and I held on his feast day this year  ... 

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