Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St Gregory the Great - a poem

Today is the feast of St Gregory the Great, pope. A few days back I posted a short extract from his writings which was included in the office of readings for that day. The extract seemed to have the makings of a poem in it, so I re-worked it. Today, when the conclave meets today for the first time to elect the next pope (an event of global significance, deserving of the prayers of us all) it seems appropriate to post a poem based on the writings and wisdom of a past pope.

If the sacrament of Christ’s Passion
is to live in us and soar, 
we must make it our life's pattern 
and proclaim what we adore. 

For we hide his Passion's cry 

deep in our inmost parts 
if with our mouths we do not say 
the belief within our hearts. 

That his cry may not be hidden 

we must each as best we can 
share with all the mysterion 
of New Life in the Son of Man.

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