Saturday, April 6, 2013

a boy, a razor, & a dad ...

I taught my eldest son how to shave yesterday. A proud moment. Yes, I know there may be a certain irony in a guy with a big beard teaching some to shave, but I wasn't always hairy faced! Ask my drill sergeant if you don't believe me ...

His mother had bought him a five-bladed, brand name razor and a can of equally fancy shaving gel ... I would have gone with with ordinary soap, a brush, & the cheapest plastic handled razor the shop had, but I guess that's the difference between moms and dads! 

Anyway you work with what you've got. I had him fill the sink with hot water, splash his face well, rub the gel between his wet palms into a good lather, cover his face, shave with the grain only in smooth even strokes, rinsing out the razor well every few times, and then rinse his face off well in cold water. The result was he looked even more baby faced than ever, despite declining to shave off his peach-fuzz 'tache, & only slightly thicker side-burns! 

A precious moment ... good to have in these difficult days.

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