Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a 'happy anniversary' chuckle

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary (& before you ask, we had a lovely day!). So, as you can imagine, the following letter I received in the post today gave me a bit of a chuckle:

Perhaps you could keep your nose out of women's vaginas from now on and stop interfering in the abortion debate. I'm damn sure if you were married and had a 12 year old daughter who was raped and impregnated that you would correctly be marching her off to England to have a termination. You are such misogynist hypocrites, frustrated, mostly old, dysfunctional men.
Yours, John

This wasn't an anonymous letter either. My correspondent proudly included his full name and address along with his gentle words of advice. Charming, wouldn't you agree? 

To provide some background: what's prompted this missive is the few letters I've had in the Irish Times expressing my views in relation to the abortion debate. My correspondent made the mistake of launching an ad hominem attack on the basis of a false premise, that I was a Roman Catholic priest (forgetting, as most do in Ireland, that there are many others who use the title 'Father' - Eastern Catholics, Orthodox, & some Anglicans, to name just some). Then of course he simply piles on the abuse (with the usual sentimentalist's 'hard case' of a raped and pregnant young daughter) without making any argument. 

All chuckling aside, there is a serious side to this letter. My correspondent sadly believes that his scribblings passes for reasoned debate. It's hardly surprising, when in the public square abuse, sneering, name-calling, and labeling has replaced logic and reason in argument. Not to mention having no respect whatsoever for any and all who disagrees with your views. Don't agree with abortion? Why don't you keep your nose out of women's vaginas you misogynistic old hypocrite. Who can argue when faced with such devastating  wit and logic? 

Still, I suppose if my letters to the editor trouble him so much he must be worried that they'll have an effect. So, glass half-full and all that, perhaps I should take his letter as a compliment? In which case, I feel encouraged to continue with my 'interfering.' Thanks John!

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