Saturday, April 13, 2013

why is the media silent about Gosnell?

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Interesting that the media seems to be keeping so very quiet about the trial Dr Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell is possibly one of the worst mass murderers of the modern era. He is charged with the first degree murder of seven children, accused of killing them by cutting their spinal cords with a scissors.* It is believed he killed hundreds more over the years; the numbers will never be known as he destroyed his records. They died in Gosnell's 'clinic,' which FBI and health inspectors described as blood-stained and stinking of urine, with cat feces on the floor, filled with out of date, rusty, unsterilised equipment.

I'd expect a media fire-storm about a case like this. Instead, a Google search certainly doesn't show much evidence of interest by the main-stream media. T
he reporters, it seems, are staying away in droves. Why so silent? Is it because the victims were survivors of failed abortions? Does that go against the modern narrative that abortion is the safe, sterile disposal of a few clumps of cells? Gosnell's alleged victims were living, living, breathing, crying babies, silenced because they were inconvenient to those around them. They deserve better than further silence now.

Pray for Gosnell. Pray for his victims. And perhaps also contact your local media outlets and demand to know why they are keeping silent about this trial. 

*he is also charged with one count of third degree murder of one adult, a woman who died after attending his 'clinic.'

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