Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kenny, the college, & the cardinal

Why is anyone surprised that Cardinal Sean O’Malley is refusing to attend Boston College's graduation ceremony if Enda Kenny is present? The Irish bishops have made it clear where they stand on his proposed abortion legislation. Why would any reasonable person expect the cardinal to undermine them by being present at a ceremony at which Mr Kenny is to be not only the keynote speaker, but also be awarded an honorary degree? The more reasonable reaction would surely be to wonder that a Catholic college invited Mr Kenny in the first place, particularly at this time. 


  1. Yes you are right Fr. Levi. Can we please remember today that the 40 Days of Prayer and Penance (Fasting) begins which is organised by Precious Life. You can check their facebook page for anyone who is on facebook or go to their website page.
    Archbishop Eamon Martin has asked us to support their initiative and it is important that we do this for the sake of the unborn and their mothers. Let us have faith and trust in God who can do all things. God bless you

  2. Hi Anne,
    you'll know from following this blog that I am very much pro-life. I'm happy to promote Precious life's initiative.

    1. I've also done a brief post, with a link to one of your blogs, on this.