Thursday, June 20, 2013

gandolfini the grey ...

(warning: strong language alert on the video clip)

James Gandolfini has passed away, may he rest in peace. I'll begin by saying that I think he was a fine actor. His work on the Sopranos was groundbreaking ... & I really did love the theme music! 

However, there were times when the violence, nudity, and strong language gave me pause. In fact, I think the programme gave me one of the most uncomfortable evenings of my life. I was visiting with my parents & we sat down to watch telly for the evening. 

'What'll we watch?' says mom. The tv guide was consulted.
'The Sopranos are on,' I say chirpily.
'What's that?' says dad.
'Oh, a very good show. It's winning loads of awards. Fine acting, great writing,' I enthuse. 

My parents were swayed. The correct buttons on remotes were pressed. Roll credits ... followed by the violence, nudity, and strong language. Especially the strong language. In fact it seemed like every second word out of every characters' mouth was strong language. I began to sink deeper in the cushions in the couch, avoiding looking at my parents. We watched the show. I think they enjoyed it. But I never suggested it again. I couldn't have borne a repeat of the experience. 

Anyway. May Mr Gandolfini rest in peace. He was a fine actor. The show he came to fame on was groundbreaking. And I really did like the theme music ... 

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