Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prayers Sunday 9 June 2013

let us pray:
Heavenly Father, 
you promised through your Son 
to hear the prayers of those who ask in faith:

Your Son restored the widow's son to life
infuse new life into your Church 
so that we may share 
his promise of eternal life with all.
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Your son showed compassion 
for a grieving mother; 
inspire us also to show compassion to others 
so that none may know need;
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

The people of Nain 
gathered to comfort and support 
a mother in her grief; 
guide us to make our communities 
places where we help bring 
your comfort and love to all;
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

The widow's son 
answered your Son's call to life; 
we ask your blessing 
on all who have answered your call 
to bring others to new life in your Church; 
We pray for our bishops, our priests, 
and all who work in the lay ministries of your Church. 
Strengthen us, and all your Church, 
to be One, as your Son prayed we should be One; 
and raise up others who will answer your call 
to be priests within your Church.
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We thank you for those 
who have lived this life 
in the hope of eternal life 
and have now entered 
into that fullness of life with you; 
comfort all who mourn; 
strengthen the sick and dying 
& for those who care for them; 
grant peace to all 
who struggle financially at this difficult time; 
and give guidance to all 
who struggle in their relationships, 
with others or with you.
Lord in your mercy : hear our prayer

And we ask 
that you hear the prayers 
of our own hearts, 
both for ourselves 
and for those who are in need of prayer 
(pause for silent prayer)
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Merciful Father
accept these our prayers
for the sake of your Son
Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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