Friday, July 5, 2013

Sanctuary for Edward Snowden

The arrest warrant for Edward Snowden US authorities handed our government, on the off-chance his plane stops at Shannon, presents them with quite a dilemma. If he comes and they ignore it, who knows what action the US may take? Why they might even refuse to allow their 'first family' to drop by on their vacation ever again. They'll certainly be accused of 'cow-towing' to the might of the US. 

But if they serve it, then they must deal with Mr Snowden's asylum request. Which, of course, by current standards should take at least five years to process. Any less, and they'll be accused of giving him special treatment just because he's a US citizen. Or rather, because he is a US citizen whom the US government really, really wants sent back to them quickly ... presuming that they decline to grant him asylum. If they grant it, who knows what action the US may take? Why, they may even refuse to allow their first family ... oh wait - I already said that. But in this scenario, no accusations of 'cow-towing' ... unless, it is instead to the liberal, 'right-on', groovy, PC Crowd.

All in all, I rather hope he does land at Shannon.

UPDATE: a version of this post appears as a letter in today's Irish Times here.

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