Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prayer diary Wednesday 18 September 2013

'Beware false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.' 
Matthew 7. 15

Be wary of those whose teaching is more about their own opinion than what the Church teaches and has always taught. Rare indeed is the false shepherd who, having created something unknown to Christ, his Apostles, or his Church from generation to generation, that will not claim his innovation to be the true faith.


  1. Always a wise caution and I must say I am always impressed by how rooted in Scripture this blog is!

    I see you are being lambasted in the IT letters page today-- one woman insisting that "silenced" does not actually mean "silenced", it means "told to be silent". How can you keep up with the Jesuitical casuistry of the Church's critics!?

  2. Thanks, M.

    I think describing Ms Hanley's attempt to argue against my position as 'being lambasted' might be a bit strong
    ... at the end of the day, what has she got to throw against me on this issue? Strip out the emotional grandstanding and the facts remain: Fr Flannery was 'off message' on Church teaching and was called to account for it. All the flailing of his supports can't alter that. Being 'lambasted' by them is therefore, to use your own phrase, like being pelted with roses!
    I've sent in a reply, of course, but I doubt if the IT will print it - they don't like too much 'back and forth' in their letters pages ... and my experience is that they rather like letting the touchy-feely side to have the 'last word' in any exchange ... but we'll see.