Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I hear two mothers cry,
one for the child just dead,
one for the one first held.
And wonder if God is enough.

I walk along the shore.
There is the fresh salt air
with the tang of weed's decay.
And ask that God be enough.

I gaze at the midnight sky
which wears the belt of Orion
across the unending dark.
And plead that God be enough.

I touch the blood red rose,
marvel at the velvet petals,
wince at the dagger thorn.
And hope that God is enough.

I bite into a peach;
with the sweet juice I taste
despair in the hand that picked.
And pray that God is enough.

I reach into my heart
where I think I am alone
but find that I am not.
And know he is enough.

                                      -for Paul Draper


  1. Thanks, Gina. We were on our annual clergy conference & one of my colleagues led a session on spirituality ... this came out of it.