Saturday, October 5, 2013

Examin Saturday 5 Sep 2013

On the worthy reception of Holy Communion
(that holy Sacrament), being so divine and comfortable a thing to them who receive it worthily and so dangerous to those that will presume to receive it unworthily; my duty is to exhort you … to consider the dignity of that holy mystery … and so to search and examine your own consciences (and that not lightly …) so that ye may come holy and clean to such a heavenly Feast … if there be any who … requireth further counsel or comfort, let him come to me, or some other discreet and learned Minister of God's Word, and open his grief; that by the ministry of God's holy Word, he receive the benefit of absolution, together with spiritual counsel and advice, to the quieting of his conscience, and avoiding all scruple and doubtfulness.
~from Exhortation One, the Book of Common Prayer 2004, ps 197, 198

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