Monday, October 7, 2013

poem: Teach us our duty, Father-God

(the poem below is based on the theme of my sermon yesterday.
It may be sung to Dominus regit me by John Bacchus Dykes (1823-76),
the tune used for hymn 20  in the CofI Church Hymnal.
the King of love my shepherd is)

Teach us our duty, Father-God,
to love you ever dearer;
to grow in holiness each day
and thus to you grow nearer.

Give us the honesty to face
the flaws that keep us from you;
and prayerfully to seek the way
that helps us to approach you.

Grant us the strength to stay the course,
unswerving left or right;
the iron discipline we need
to fight this endless fight.

Defend the weakness of our will
from snares that try to take us;
the tempter's charms, false though they are, 
that from our faith may shake us;

so when we reach our end of days,
and stand before you, Lord;
our weak poor faith will be enough
to gain the blest reward.

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