Friday, October 18, 2013


Slavery is alive and well and living in Ireland. So says the global slavery index. The Irish Times crunched the numbers and we're not as bad as other places (see here) - there are only about 300 people who are effectively slaves here ... so let's all give ourselves a big pat on the back that only a few hundred folk, most of them trafficked women for forced prostitution (in other words rape), are enslaved in our green land ...

The truly amazing figure from the report is that there are about 30 million people around the world living in some kind of bonded servitude ... stunning, when one considers that most of us in the West think of it as something that ended in the 19th century.

This is a real issue affecting real lives. Where's the Church's/Churches' voice on this? It is surely deserves at least a fraction of the energy that goes on the many of the inward looking navel gazing issues that we spend so much time on ...

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