Saturday, November 9, 2013

Examin Saturday 9 November 2013

Honour your father and mother
This includes the duty parents have towards their children. Remember as a parent you have primary responsibility for their education  This includes bringing them up in the faith. You can't simply abandon the task to others. Sunday School and religious education at school are a supplement to what you do, not a substitute. 

Take an interest in what they are learning; satisfy yourself that it is in accord with a sound Christian upbringing. Pay attention to what they are reading, listening to, watching on television, or on line; make sure it is appropriate, not just for their age but for the values you want them to have. 

Ensure their regular attendance at Church and worthy reception of the sacraments. Your most powerful teaching tool is your own example of godly living. 

Pray with them. Do your utmost to prepare them to live out the vocation that God calls all his children to in this life. And most of all pray for them daily.

Open my heart, O my God, by your grace and purify me from any association with sin.
~St. Isaac the Syrian

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