Thursday, December 12, 2013

Down with this sort of thing

Conservatives turned Dan Brown into a best-selling author by reacting with outrage to the Da Vinci Code. Liberals, it seems, can fall into the same trap (here). The fastest selling book in Spain at the moment is Cásate y sé sumisa or Marry and Be Submissive. Well, even without reading the book, the title rather hints as to why it might attract the ire of all kinds of people. 

And its not doing their blood-pressure any good at all that the Catholic Archbishopric of Granada are the publishers of the book in Spain. They are already trying to have the book withdrawn or banned. Without a hint of irony they are saying it reminds them too much of the bad old days of Franco's fascist regime.

Down with this sort of thing, as Fr Ted used to say. They seem to have forgotten two old adages: word of mouth is the best form of advertising; and there's no such thing as bad publicity.

The book was first published in Italy and recently translated into Spanish. Doubtless it will soon make it into English. It'll be interesting to see what reaction it gets here. And, naturally, there is already a sequal: Cásate y da la vida por ella or Marry and Give Your Life for Her. That one's aimed at the fellas. I wonder how that's going to go down in Spain?

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