Monday, December 2, 2013

text tax scam

I received a text message the other day, purporting to be from the Revenue Commissioners. It said it was in connection with my tax refund and directed me to a website so I could claim it. As a former Inspector of Taxes it struck me as odd - it's not how I remembered Revenue doing business. But then, things change. And I had just signed up for Revenue's Online Service (ROS) and finalised this year's tax return, so I thought it might be something to do with that.

Anyway, today I went to the Revenue website and logged into my ROS account and went looking for this tax refund. Of course there was nothing. So I looked at the text message again. And discovered that the web address I had been asked to log into, while being quite similar to the actual one, was in fact different. 

Hmmn, I thought, scammers. I gave my local tax office a buzz. They already knew about it. In fact, they said there was already something up about it on the website. I went back to the real site, and sure enough there was a warning there all right. But fairly discrete. It's not likely to jump out at you when you first look at their home page. So I thought I'd share the info here for those it might affect. Even though I'm sure all reading this are too smart to fall for a scam like this. But you might have some friends you worry about. So maybe you'll warn them :-)


  1. Yes, we've all had these messages - even this side of the Irish Sea! Fallen human nature ...

  2. There are many other scams which are so tempting that people find it hard to see any fishy thing in there and they invest some money also which they were promised to get doubled within an year or so. That's so fake and lots of people became victim of such scams.

    Arnold Brame
    Health And Safety Consultant Norfolk

  3. Lucky for you that you had a background on this! Imagine how some people might react to such tax tricks. Considering how handling taxes is a major struggle for some, they might easily fall for the “good news”. Gilbert@ATBS