Friday, May 2, 2014

cold call

My mobile phone rang at 11.10 this morning. I probably should have ignored it - I was due in the school in 20 minutes time to tell the children a story ... and I still had the final page to write plus print it off. But I'm always reluctant to ignore the phone in case it's an emergency. 

It wasn't.

'Hello,' said a cheerful male voice. He identified himself as working for my telephone provider and said he wanted to ask a few questions in connection with the service I was receiving. 

'I'm sorry,' I said. 'This really isn't a good time. Perhaps you could call at some other time?'
'I quite understand,' he said. 'This won't take long. Now ... '
'All the best,' I said, and hung up. 

I went back to the story, finished it, and got to the school on time. And the children enjoyed it. Prioritising in action!

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