Friday, May 16, 2014

help save Meriam Yehya Ibrahim

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is a heavily pregnant Sudanese Christian. She’s just been sentenced to death for ‘apostasy’ – leaving Islam – although she’s been a Christian all her life (see previous posts here  and here - to take action to help her go here).

Meriam was arrested on 17 February, and sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and to death for apostasy, after Sudanese authorities became aware of her marriage to a Christian man. She is currently detained in Omdurman Federal Women's Prison along with her 20-month-old son, Martin Wani. Since she was arrested she’s been allowed no visitors, and has been denied vital medical treatment.

Although she testified that she is a life-long Christian, the court ruled that she abandoned Islam, and that therefore was originally Muslim. Since Muslims are not allowed to marry non-Muslims, her marriage is invalid under Islamic law – so she was convicted of adultery as well as apostasy.

Meriam is eight months pregnant, and has a toddler to look after too in prison.

Please don’t allow this terrible injustice to happen.

Please click on this link to the Christian Solidarity Worldwide website. That page will allow you to send a pre-written message to the Sudanese Embassy in your country (which you can you can edit if you wish to before submitting).

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